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Hatch Accessories- Shade Screen




Seabreeze Series Shade Screen
Introducing the Seabreeze Shade / Screen. The solution that keeps the sun and insects out without ruining your elegent silhouette. It only takes minutes and a screwdriver to install the Seabreeze, because it mounts directly to your Bomar hatch with only four screws and no additional finishing work to worry about.

Our unique built-in track system has been designed to keep the shade and screen from rolling unevenly. It always looks trim, performs with flawless precision, and can block both sun and bugs, or let in the breeze while blocking bugs. Or you can set it to do a combination of both. And of course, you can count on the quality materials and craftsmanship Bomar is known for.

Sizes available for most Bomar hatches. Custom sizes available.
Please specify mounting style when ordering.
Fits Hatch SizeShade SizePrice
10006 3/16" x 14 15/16"
(157mm x 380mm)
102922 3/4" x 18 13/16"
(577mm x 478mm)
103925 5/8" x 24 7/16"
(652mm x 620mm)
107022 1/16" x 20 13/16"
(560mm x 529mm)
108023 15/16" x 22 11/16"
(609mm x 577mm)
113926 7/8" x 25 5/8"
(683mm x 651mm)
117023 15/16" x 22 11/16"
(609mm x 577mm)